Raider Upgrades



Challenging Cry Warriors will now only execute it when at least 2 enemies are in taunt range.
Hail of Arrows Adds 2 'Hail of Arrows' skillbooks to the inventory, an ability which requires the coordination of two archers to deal a large amount of area of effect damage.
Stay at Range Raiders will try to stay as far away from their targets as possible while attacking them.
Remove Buffs Changes the 'Calming Shot' ability. Archers will now only use it if the enemy actually has at least one buff.
Overheal Prevents priests from 'overhealing'. They will not cast a healing spell if the target has more HP left than the spell heals
Bulwark Changes the 'Bulwark' ability. Warriors now only use it as a last resort to prevent death by estimating their death using damage taken over time. They also only use one at a time, in case multiple are equipped.
Saving Throw Adds 3 'Saving Throw' skillbooks to the inventory, an ability which enables warriors to taunt enemies who are attacking priests, mages, and archers.
Concentrate Attack Adds 1 'command' skillbook to the inventory, an ability which sets the target of the raider who uses it as a target for all other raiders.
Group Taunt When taunting enemies, all warriors with the 'Taunt' skill will try to distribute enemies among themselves such that each warrior 'tanks' the same amount of enemies.
Avoid Area of Effect Damage Raiders will try to walk out of and avoid sources of area of effect damage.
Energy Potions Raiders will automatically use energy potions to replenish their mana/rage/focus if the respective potions are available in the inventory.
Group Farming When dying on farm maps, raiders will wait in the base town until all regenerating raiders have full health before going back to the farm map.
Healing Potions Any raider whose HP falls below 15% will automatically use a healing potion from the inventory, if available.

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