Sanctuary of the Forgotten is a special raid.

Old Raiders

This is a group boss. There are 2 warriors, 2 berserkers, 3 archers and 3 priests.

Skills (Warrior)

  • Bulwark
  • Shield Block
  • War Cry
  • Basic Melee

Skills (Berserker)

  • Mighty Blow
  • Disarm Active
  • War Cry
  • Rallying Cry
  • Primal Rage
  • Hit Streak Passive
  • AOE Damage Passive
  • Basic Melee

Skills (Priest)

  • Heal AOE Active
  • Basic Heal
  • Flash Heal
  • Great Heal
  • Protective Shield
  • Cleanse Active
  • Rejuvination Active

Skills (Archer)

  • Focused Shot
  • Quick Shot (2x)
  • Mark Enemy
  • Basic Ranged


Item Rate
Forgotten Archer's Cloak 100.00%
Forgotten Berserker's Sword 100.00%
Forgotten Priest's Hat 100.00%
Forgotten Warrior's Shield 100.00%


You need to deal more damage than the priests can heal and enough health and healing to survive 7 bosses attacking at once.

Skillbook: Command can be useful to focus on one boss.