Max (HP, focus, mana, focus and rage)

Adds to the raiders maximum HP, focus, mana, or rage.

Damage (and healing power)

How much damage the raider will deal or, for priests, how much health they can heal.

Combat (and spell casting) speed

Decreases attack delay and skillbook cooldowns. Use 100/Combat Speed to find your reduction. Example 200 combat speed provides a 50% reduction where as a 500 combat speed provides a 80% reduction.

Critical hit (and heal) chance

Increases the probability of critical bonus occurring when the raider attacks or heals. Caps at 100%

Critical hit damage (and healing) bonus

Percentage of much bonus damage or healing will be added (e.g. 100% will double the amount.)

(Focus, mana and rage) regeneration per second

How much focus, mana or rage is regenerated every second. This a flat bonus every second and is not incremental.

Movement speed

How fast the raider moves.

Rage generation

How much rage is generated every hit.

Rage degeneration

How much rage is lost every second. This a flat bonus every second and is not incremental.

Received damage

Percentage of how much damage is received (e.g. 50% will reduce all damage by half.)

Received healing

Percentage of how much healing is received (e.g. 100% will double your received healing.)

Increased amount of healing

Percentage of healing power added to healing power (e.g. 100% will double your healing power.)

Received self-healing

Percentage of healing power when the raider heals itself (e.g. 50% will reduce self healing by half.)